Thanks for picking up a Pura Fibra kimono! We can’t thank you enough for your support. We went back and forth with many suppliers, made countless samples and corrections before reaching the armor that you are taking into battle.

Before your gi is tested on the mat you are going to need to make it battle ready and that begins in the laundry room. Here’s how it is done.

BJJ gi’s are made to withstand all of the pressures of bjj training and competition. They are not made to be washed in bleach, hot water or to be dried using a dryer.

The First Wash:

This one is important. You don’t want to over shrink your gi, damage the cotton or have the colors bleed or fade. If you follow these steps you will avoid the pitfalls of a white belt gi washer and keep your gi looking, feeling and fitting great for a long time.

  1. Wash in Cold Water. Washing in warm water is only for when you want to shrink it. You are not ready for that yet. For now, just wash in cold so you can assess the fit and decide if or how much you want it to shrink.
  2. Line or Hang Dry. Hang it in the shade because direct sun can damage the gi over time.
  3. Do Not Use Bleach or Chlorine Harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine will damage the fabric.
  4. Wash Inside Out. If its inside out the inside will be protected. Common it takes two seconds!


Okay so you tried on your gi after washing it cold and letting it hang dry in the shade and it’s still too big. No worries you can shrink it. Careful though because this is the easiest time to make a mistake and over dry your gi. The secret to shrinking the gi to fit just right is taking your time and using incremental drying periods. Remember you only have to do this once, so it’s worth taking the time. Here are the steps.

  1. Wash cold and dry in the shade. Try it on once it is 100% dry to make sure it needs to be shrunk.
  2. Wash in warm water.
  3. Place in the dryer in low setting. The dryer is what really does the shrinking so be careful here. Dry in 5 or 10 min increments. Try the gi on while it is still damp. If it just needs a little more let it hang dry and it should probably be perfect once dry. If there is still a way to go, keep drying it in the machine. Stop every 5 to 10 mins to make sure it is not going further then you want.

Future Washes:

Putting your gi in the dryer or washing it in hot water may damage the material or fade the colours. We worked really hard to make your gi as awesome as it is so please don’t mess it up in the wash!

Here’s how to wash your gi after you have shrunk it. Basically its the same instructions as the first wash.

  1. Wash in Cool Water
  2. Line or Hang Dry
  3. Do Not Use Bleach or Chlorine
  4. Wash Inside Out